Who Owns the Most JPMorgan Chase Stock Besides Jamie Dimon?

Jamie Dimon owns a huge amount of JPMorgan stock, but he’s not the only one betting a fortune on the company.

JPMorgan Chase (JPM 1.54%) has been one of the best-performing bank stocks in recent memory. Over the past decade, shares have risen in value by 250%. Citigroup stock, by comparison, rose by just 27% over that time period.

Many investors have gotten rich with JPMorgan stock and it’s a popular holding. CEO Jamie Dimon owns 7,700,806 shares, according to the company’s 2024 proxy statement, and they are currently worth a cool $1.5 billion. But he’s not the only one with a fortune tied up in the company’s stock.

These company insiders own large amounts of JPMorgan stock

In JPMorgan’s latest proxy statement, dated April 8, five company insiders are listed as owning more than 100,000 shares of the company’s stock, though all hold fewer shares than Dimon.

Person Company Role Share Count
Daniel Pinto President & chief operating officer 595,732
Mary Callahan Erdoes Asset & wealth management CEO 570,003
Marianne Lake CEO, consumer & community banking 209,296
Mellody Hobson Director 129,574
Stephen B. Burke Lead independent director 107,334

Data source: JPMorgan Chase.

The proxy statement also lists Vanguard and BlackRock, two major institutional investors that collectively own around 465 million shares, as the only institutions holding more than 5% of its stock. Their holdings equate to roughly 16% of JPMorgan’s total share count, 9.4% for Vanguard and 6.7% for BlackRock.

The vast majority of those Vanguard and BlackRock shares are ultimately owned by tens of thousands of individual investors who own shares through funds operated by each company. Also note that filings don’t include private investors who own less than 5% of the company’s outstanding stock, because these investors aren’t required to file publicly with the SEC. Thus the public does not know if there are individuals who own more stock than Jamie Dimon but who just don’t have to be listed in public filing as beneficial owners.

Information from S&P Capital IQ lists many institutional investors with many more shares than Dimon, but only four other individuals holding more than 100,000 shares but well below Dimon’s shares:

  • Douglas Petno, co-head of global banking, commercial & investment bank: 407,273
  • Ashley Bacon, chief risk officer: 217,351
  • Troy Rohrbaugh, co- CEO, commercial & investment bank: 187,695
  • Stacey Friedman, executive VP & general counsel: 107,258

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