The 3 Smartest Ways to Save Money at Costco This May

There’s a reason 73 million people are willing to spend money on a Costco membership. For $60 a year for a Gold Star (basic) membership or $120 a year for an Executive membership, you get to enjoy a host of savings on everything from groceries to cleaning supplies to apparel. And if you’re strategic about using your Costco membership this month, you can save money with these three moves.

1. Buy more Kirkland products

You can certainly save money on name brands by purchasing them at Costco in bulk. But for even more savings, consider replacing some of those well-known brands with a Kirkland alternative. Kirkland is Costco’s signature brand, and you’ll find many of its products throughout the store and on

As an example, a 72-count supply of Starbucks K-cups usually costs $42.99 online, bringing your cost to about $0.60 per pod. Right now, Starbucks coffee pods happen to be on sale at Costco for $34.99, so your cost drops to about $0.49 per pod. But a 120-count of Kirkland K-cups costs just $37.99, bringing your price per pod down to $0.32. And that’s without a sale. It’s also worth noting that all of these items are likely to cost even less if you buy them in person at a warehouse club store.

2. Turn to Costco for home improvement products

Spring is a pretty popular time to clean your house and tackle home improvements. Whether it’s new flooring, window treatments, or adding a new air conditioning system ahead of summer, Costco offers a host of home installation services that could save you a bundle. And when you go through Costco, you get the commitment to customer service the chain is known for.

Remember, home improvements can be expensive. What would you rather do — spend $8,000 on a new HVAC system you get through Costco, or take a chance with a random contractor in your area with that amount of money at stake?

Just as importantly, when you use Costco for home improvements, you can often score a free Shop Card in the process. A new air conditioning system, for example, could put a 10% Costco Shop Card in your pocket so that if it’s an $8,000 job, you get $800 to spend at Costco as you please.

3. Upgrade your backyard for less

Thinking of adding a playset to your backyard this summer? Costco offers a range of options online. And while your cost won’t include installation, it will include delivery.

Or maybe you’re looking to invest in a backyard hot tub. Costco has a number of them on sale this month for $500 to $1,500 off the usual price. Plus, as an Executive member, you’re eligible for 2% cash back on most of your Costco purchases. So if you spring for a $4,000 hot tub, you can get $80 of that back to buy yourself some new swimsuits to splash around in.

Costco makes it possible to stick to your budget all year round on a host of products and services. But it pays to take advantage of these savings opportunities this month while you can.

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