Mayo Clinic to host 13th Annual Individualizing Medicine Conference

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Mayo Clinic’s Center for Individualized Medicine is set to host its 13th Annual Individualizing Medicine Conference on Sept. 11-12 in Rochester, Minnesota. Under this year’s theme, “From Innovation to Integration,” the conference will explore the role of “omics” technologies — and their molecular-level analysis —in transforming healthcare.

A key focus of the conference will be the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and medicine, seeking to provide insights into its impact while addressing associated challenges and risks. 

Omics exploration

During the event, world-leading scientists and clinicians will share the latest in multi-omics technologies, including genomics (study of genes), exposomics (study of environmental exposures) and microbiomics (study of microbial communities). Additionally, there will be in-depth discussions on the latest developments in mRNA therapeutics and other innovative treatments. 

Multi-omics technologies provide comprehensive measurements and analyses of various omics molecules at multiple levels within human cells and tissues, where many diseases originate. Omics research and multi-omics integration offer transformative possibilities for predicting and diagnosing conditions like cancer and developing personalized treatments tailored to an individual’s unique biological characteristics. 

Key conference highlights

The conference will highlight a wide range of topics, including these tracks: 

  • Population Omics: This session explores how environmental exposures and genetic mapping intersect with health equity and investigates global health disparities through large-scale population studies. 
  • Functional Omics: This track highlights recent advances in genome editing, mRNA therapeutics and the role of the microbiome in disease, focusing on the practical aspects of research and clinical applications. 
  • Digital Omics: Participants will discover how AI is reshaping medical diagnostics, with an emphasis on AI’s impact in radiology and machine learning applications for medical testing. 
  • Rare Disease Omics: The discussion will focus on the latest in genetic testing for diseases like pulmonary fibrosis, as well as the broader implications of patient advocacy and policy on personalized rare disease treatment. 

Featured keynote speakers

Keynote speakers will include Tania Simoncelli, vice president of Science in Society at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Simoncelli is recognized for her patient-centered biomedical research, notably her involvement with the “Rare as One Project,” which focuses on advancing research through collaboration and improving the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases. 

Additionally, Philip J. Landrigan, M.D., director of the Program for Global Public Health and the Global Observatory on Planetary Health at Boston College, will share his insights on the effect of toxic chemicals and pollution on human health, particularly the health of infants and children. 

Bridging the knowledge gap

Cathy Wurzer will host the conference, drawing on her experience in genomic medicine and her role as a broadcast journalist with Minnesota Public Radio News and Twin Cities PBS to lead discussions and enhance understanding among attendees. Her work on Mayo Clinic’s “The Pursuit of Precision” podcast, dedicated to the science of individualized medicine, positions her uniquely to bridge the gap between complex scientific topics and the conference audience. 

Why this conference matters 

The Individualizing Medicine Conference is a key event for anyone interested in how research can be transformed into real-world health solutions. It’s a place where professionals from healthcare, research and policy can come together to learn about the latest advancements and see how these can directly benefit patient care.  

Registration information:

The conference, available both live and virtually, is open to healthcare providers, researchers, policymakers and anyone interested in precision medicine. It offers a unique opportunity to learn from top experts and to see firsthand how the future of healthcare is being shaped today. 

An early bird discount is available through May 30. 

Register today. 

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