3 Great Costco Gifts for New Parents

Bringing a baby into the world can be an amazing experience — but also, a physically and emotionally exhausting one. So if you have friends who recently had a baby, you may be eager to show up to meet their little one with the perfect gift in hand. With that in mind, here are a few Costco finds a new parent might really appreciate receiving.

1. Koala Baby 3-piece Sleep & Play Set

Parents of newborns shouldn’t spend a ton of money on baby clothes since very young children can outgrow things in the blink of an eye. At the same time, it’s not good to have a limited wardrobe, because babies tend to have diaper explosions around the clock. Only having a handful of outfits could mean having to do laundry constantly during those early days.

That’s why extra baby clothes could be a much-appreciated gift if you have friends or family members who recently had a baby. Right now, Costco is selling a three-piece sleep and play set. Each coverall (otherwise known as a stretchie) has a zipper closure, which is much preferable to those outfits that snap up, since zipping and unzipping is faster and easier in the context of a fussy child.

The online price right now for this set is $16.99. But if you buy two sets, you save $10, bringing your total price to just $24 and your price per coverall to just $4.

2. LeapFrog Baby Monitor

The ability to put a sleeping baby down and walk away is a beautiful thing. It allows new parents to get some rest themselves or tend to household tasks like cooking and laundry.

But for parents to feel comfortable leaving the room or taking a nap in another part of a house, they typically want a way to know that their baby is doing just fine in their crib. Enter the baby monitor. Costco is selling a LeapFrog model for $149.99 that includes up to 1,000 feet of range, two-way talking, and a temperature and humidity sensor.

Baby monitors are the sort of product that tend to get mixed reviews. But this one has an overall four-star rating from Costco customers out of five, which isn’t bad considering that this product tends to fall into the “love or it hate” category, with parents commonly switching baby monitors several times over until they find the right one.

3. Homedics 3-in-1 Calming Cushion

Soothing a tired, cranky, or colicky baby isn’t a task for the faint of heart. And it can be a huge struggle for parents to calm their newborns when they get worked up for whatever reason.

You just might be somebody’s hero if you give the gift of this calming cushion. You can have a baby lie still in it or set it to vibrate for a soothing effect. The cushion is also easily portable, so if your new parent friend needs to do some work in the basement or kitchen, they can safely set their baby down the floor without worry.

Now at a price point of $139.99, this isn’t an inexpensive item. You may be able to buy a baby rocker for around $100 or less on Amazon if you’re on more of a budget. On the other hand, you could also spend around $200 on Amazon, depending on the model you want.

Of course, these are just some options if you’re looking for a gift for new parents. But before you commit to these, consider some alternatives:

  • A restaurant gift card, since new parents are often too swamped or tired to cook. Costco sells many discounted restaurant gift cards both in stores and online.
  • A supply of diapers and wipes, which you can buy in bulk at Costco on the cheap. It could save your new parent friends a lot of money.
  • The gift of your time, whether it’s to run errands, help out around the house, or give an exhausted set of parents a few hours off so they can go out.

One final option: If your new parent friends aren’t Costco members already, the gift of a membership is something they might really appreciate. For $60, you can purchase the gift of a Gold Star membership so your friends are able to reap savings on the multiple baby supplies they might need on a regular basis.

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